Solar Photovoltaic Panels – Max Series

Electrical Specifications :

    Description     JJSPV-P0200     JJSPV-P0250     JJSPV-P0300
Max. Power (Pmax. in Watts) 200 250 300
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc in Volts) 36 36 42
Short Circuit Current (Isc in Amps.) 8.3 9.2 8.7
Voltage at Pmax. (Vmpp in Volts) 29 29 36
Current at Pmax. (Impp in Amps.) 7.1 8.63 8.3
Output Tolerance (%) ±5 ±5 ±5
Temperature Coefficient - Pmax. -0.46% /0 C
Temperature Coefficient - Voc -0.35% /0C
Temperature Coefficient - Isc -0.05% /0C
Solar Cells per Module 60 60 72
Cell Layout 10*6 10*6 12*6
Key Features :

arrow High efficiency Solar cells ensure high performance of Solar module and create maximum power output.
arrow Low iron tempered Glass with anti-reflective coating and high transmission rate increase the power output and mechanical strength of Solar module.
arrow Encapsulate of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate cushions the Solar cells within the laminate and protects the cells from etching due to harsh weather conditions.
arrow The high strength polymer sheet protects the rear surface from ingress of moisture and mechanical damage.
arrow Excellent value for Money.

Mechanical Parameters :

Cell Type Multi-Crystalline Photovoltaic (PV) Cells
Cell Size (mm) 156 x 156
Panel Size (LxWxT in mm) 200W:(1525x1000x40) 250W: (1665x1000x40) 300W: (1985x1000x40)
Mounting Arrangement Mountable across the length
Junction Box IP 65 protected 2/3 contact rail with Diode
Front Glass One side textured toughened Glass of 3.2mm thickness
Back Sheet Tedlar/Polyester/Tedlar (TPT)
Frame Anodized Aluminum with grounding provision
Weight 18 – 25 kg
Drain Holes 8

Notes :

Design and specifications are subject to change.

arrow Electrical parameters measured at standard testing conditions.


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